We do love recycling bikes! It's a fantastic way of making cycling more affordable and reducing the number of bikes going into landfill sites. Not to mention it keeps us lot busy through the winter time when trade goes quiet. Why not see our current range of used bikes.

Have you got an old bike that's surplus to requirements? If so please email us at torquecyclerepairs@live.co.uk with any details and attach an image of the bicycle, we can normally give a fairly accurate quote once we've seen a picture of the bike. Collection is free of charge and we will pay you cash!

We will only collect bicycles from your residential address, and will need to see your passport/driver's license along with a recent bank statement or utility bill with a  corresponding name and address, please do not feel offended by this, it is a standard measure to help prevent stolen bicycles being bought and sold. Unfortunately bike theft is quite common.