Q.  How much does the collection/delivery cost?

A. Collection and Delivery is free of charge within the BH area code for any repair.

Q. You seem quite cheap compared to bike shops, is the quality of your service sacrificed?

A. We operate a Mobile Bike Repair business. Our business model has much lower overheads than a bike shop, this gives us an opportunity to be very competitive with our pricing. Every repair is completed by our Cytech qualified technician and test ridden to guarantee satisfactory results.

Q. I've booked my repair online, when will you reply

A. You will receive a reply within 12 hours, we will contact you to arrange a suitable time for collecting the bike.

Q. What happens if I get my bike serviced and it ends up costing more than I can afford to pay?

A. With every repair we do if there are any additional parts needed we will always contact you before carrying out the work. If you then wish to cancel the service we will return the bike to you, you won't have to pay the service charge, we will only charge £10 to cover collection/delivery cost.

Q. I need a service on 2 adults bikes and 1 kids 16" wheel bike. How much will that cost?

A. Although we have a price list on the website, these aren't set in stone so we can do good deals on multiple bike services. (For example in this instance it would've cost £75 plus parts, however it actually only cost £60 all in with 2 new inner tubes.

Q. Do you have a shop?

A. We don't have a shop, we have a dedicated workshop and van for collecting and delivering your bike. Operating as a mobile business is much more cost effective than a shop. Meaning we can offer top service at the best prices.

Q. How can I pay for my repair?

A. We accept cash, cheque, postal order, bank transfer or Paypal payments, please see payment methods for further details.