The Brompton Service £105

British engineering excellence! Brompton folding bikes have a very unique following, no other folding bike out there can compare. Manufactured in West London, Bromptons have fantastic build quality, but as with every bike regular servicing will keep your trusty Brompton in tip top condition. 

We have decided to offer the Brompton service as I have noticed that more often than not Bromptons get used daily all year round, so a standard bike service tends to not be thorough enough to ensure your Brompton stays reliable throughout the winter months.

The Brompton Service is a full strip down and rebuild of the bike, every part is cleaned and where appropriate oiled/greased with high quality lubricants, any parts that are more than 50% worn are replaced. New parts are an additional cost but we will contact you before fitting new parts. Please allow 2-3 days to complete the service.

You should book the Brompton Service if:

- Your bike is more than 1 year old
- Your bike is looking tired and feeling sluggish
- You use your bike in all weather conditions

 How tough is your Brompton bike? Well check these guys out! Putting their Brompton's to the test. Of course we don't recommend doing stunts on any bike that's not designed to do so ;)