The Comprehensive Service is an extension on the standard service. On top of the 14 point service you will also get brand new stainless steel gear and brake(if applicable)inner cables fitted inclusive of the labour price. Or for hydraulic brakes you will get both brakes bled with new oil. You will also benefit from having the Bottom bracket and hubs rebuilt with new grease and the whole drivetrain gets put through the parts washer for a thorough clean. Any parts that are over 50% worn are replaced(of course we will notify you before fitting any new parts for approval).

This one's purely aimed at our customer's who have a very important long distance ride coming up. or simply wouldn't mind spending money on getting their bike to work 100% like new. It is not uncommon for these services to run into the £150+ mark but it will ensure everything on your bike is 100% mechanically sound.

Your bike is of course test ridden before and after the service to ensure satisfactory results.

 1. Frame is checked for dents/cracks & correct alignment.

2. Headset checked/adjusted to ensure smooth movement without excessive play or resistance. Stem bolts tightened to correct torque.

3. Handlebars checked for cracks,

Brake Levers:
Inspected for damage, clamp bolts checked and tightened to correct torque, cable adjuster bolts wound all the way in, cable ends inspected for damage, lever blade pivots lightly oiled

Gear shifters
Inspected for damage & correct function, gear cable inner and outer exposed to check for damage, gear shifter internals lightly oiled.

4. Visually inspect forks for damage and test for correct function

v-brakes & caliper brakes:
Pads checked for wear and realigned, calipers lightly oiled on frame/fork bosses, brake cables tensioned for correct set up, adjuster screws tweaked for even braking.

Disc brakes:
Disc rotors checked for buckles and tightened, calipers adjusted to ensure best possible brake performance.

5. Tyres visually checked for imperfections and tread wear, bead checked for correct fitting to rim. pumped up to the correct PSI

6. Rims inspected for damage, wear and trued if needed. Spokes are also checked for damage and correct tension.

7. Wheel bearings are checked for play and adjusted to ensure smooth operation.

8. Pedals tightened,  inspected for damage, bearings inspected for play or roughness during operation.

9. Front mech checked for damage and correct alignment. pivots are lightly oiled

10. B.B checked for play/creaking during operation crank bolts tightened to correct torque. Chainset chainrings inspected for wear.

11. Chain cleaned and relubed with good quality chain oil, every link inspected for damage. Chain measured to check wear.

12. Rear mech hanger checked for damage. Rear mech inspected for correct set up, full gear set is then fully indexed.

13. Freeweheel/cassette tightened and checked for wear.

14. Seatpost inspected for damage, check the limit line is not above seatpost clamp, cleaned and regreased, refitted to frame