Have you been involved in a road accident and require a full professional assessment for any damage which may have occurred to your bicycle?  

We can check your bike for:

- Correct frame alignment

- Correct Fork and handlebar alignment

- Impact damage to wheels

- Impact damage to transmission components 

- Cosmetic damages of any kind

- Hairline cracks or dents to any part of the bicycle

We will then list all problems flagged up during the safety check and quote for like for like replacement parts including fitting costs. You will receive 2 copies of the quote printed on headed A4 paper with all our company details included. 

 Ideal if you are dealing with an Insurance company. Quite often they will require a written quote for the cost of damages. 

We charge £20 for this service, and if you wish to have the work carried out at a later date by us the £20 quote charge will be fully refunded.